Emails, social media, conferences, they show the positive side of things don't they? I have tried to be so transparent this past year. It was quite honestly the hardest year of my life. But on the flip side, it was the most abundant year of my life as well.

I grew in ways I didn't know possible. Achieved goals that seemed unachievable just five years ago. Met people who have changed my life. Learned the divine power of forgiveness. Became a different kind of mom, a traveling/working mom which ended up being a better mom.

But one of the things I am most thankful for is YOU!

Each and every person who trusts me to share my knowledge with them is someone I am thankful for. I know that behind those computer screens, behind those smart phones, and in those audiences are real beating hearts. Hearts that are vulnerable and alive. Hearts that are taking the same risk I am in creating a creative career built on passion.

As we come out of this Holiday, it may be one of great joy for you and if so, be with that joy and revel in it.

But I also know, because last Holiday season was gut wrenching for me, that you may be struggling. And seeing all those happy posts and photos can be hard. If that is you I am here to say, hold on Baby. It gets better.

Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart for being here. I assure you that I have some great stuff in store for you in 2019!

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