I am completely honored to be able to photograph so many families each year. I know that as a photographer it can be a difficult task when a family has many little ones. I also know as a parent it can be nerve wracking when you worry about how your young children will behave during your annual photo session. I want to offer some tips that I think will help both the photographer and the parents.

Manage your expectations. These are children and shouldn’t be expected to act like adults.

Children are, well, children. The good news is I am a lifestyle family photographer so my style allows for more silliness and less everyone looking at the camera.

Allow the children to move in between guiding and posing.

Again, these are children. Arrange them in a pose and guide and direct quickly. Then, allow for a small break. Let them run around and explore for a few minutes then bring them back for a new pose. This makes the whole session more playful and fun.

Embrace the chaos. This family isn’t expecting you to work miracles.

It isn’t a surprise to the family that their kiddos are active. ;) Just photograph them quickly and make sure you have a plan so that you do get the shots you need. But be okay with a little crazy.

Have fun! Family photography should be laid back and enjoyable. So…. enjoy yourself.