Schooled Online | Fine Art School Photography Course for Photographers


Schooled Online | Fine Art School Photography Course for Photographers

I created Schooled Online as way for photographers to create business and stay busy during normally slow months by adding Fine Art School Portraits to their offerings. 

There is TONS of content in this course, plus you also get access to all of my school photography templates including emails, model releases, contracts, checklists, and more! 

We have an active Facebook group community where you can ask quesitons and interact with your peers, in addition to watching weekly live Q&As. We also host monthly cover contests!

Below are this month's cover contest submissions. Be sure to check out the work of my incredible students and click the button to learn if adding School Portraits is right for your business!

Cover photo by Lara Fisher Skanchy.

sara thom elena s blair photography fine art school portraits

Sara Thom "This course has been amazing! I’m going to give some fine art school portraits a go as minis this fall to see how it goes! I’m so excited to start offering these!!" | |

shannon garbaccio elena s blair fine art school photography course

Shannon Garbaccio "Elena's Schooled class is a complete "kit" that you can take and get going on your school photo business right away. She has such simple systems that are so easy to use. It's a great way to diversify your business." | |

tanielle randall elena s blair photography fine art school portrait course

Tanielle Randall "As a mom, I was never fond of traditional school portraits. The kids always looked stiff and uncomfortable. Finding Elena course has been a blessing because I am able to capture authentic images of children. Just getting started but looking forward to a great school year!" | |

nathalie amlani elena s blair photography school portrait course

Nathalie Amlani "Elena’s course is straight to the point and has provided the direction and insights I needed to get started in school photography, thank you!" | |

amy semmens elena s blair photography online fine art portrait course

Amy Semmens "I have loved what I’ve learnt from Elena’s course and am so excited to bring another income stream to my business outside of seasonal work. Thanks so much for your amazing teachings Elena xx"

lara fisher skanchy elena s blair photography schooled online fine art portrait course

Lara Fisher Skanchy

courtney zito elena s blair photography fine art school portaits

Courtney Zito "Photography has always been a passion, but all of Elena’s courses & workshops have given me the confidence and skill set to thrive as a small business owner. I purchased Schooled on May 17th, and had my first school session two weeks later! This course is a game-changer! Thanks Elena!" | |

katie kueck elena s blair photography schooled online

Katie Kueck "I’m excited to start with my first school this year after leaving a career in medicine to have more flexibility and time with my kids (one is modeling for me above!)." | |

emily dowell elena s blair schooled online boutique portrait course
maggie mccabe elena s blair photography boutique school portrait photography course

Maggie McCabe "It's really thanks to Elena that I took this leap to begin with. This Schooled course especially was the final tipping point. I'm so excited to begin offering this service. I'm still working on putting all of the finishing touches on my portfolio and marketing material but all of Elena's materials and videos have been incredibly helpful and thorough." | |

michele mateus school photography elena s blair
vanessa brack elena s blair school portrait course

Vanessa Brack "I was looking to work more while my kids were in school and less in the evenings and on weekends. School photography is perfect for that and Elena's class has been invaluable to me." |

kelly power elena s blair schooled online fine art portrait photography course

Kelly Power "I stumbled across the Schooled class about 2 years ago on Instagram and signed up immediately. I was looking for a way to work on the same schedule of my girls. I just added my 3rd preschool this week. I can happily say I now have summers off and my youngest will start a pre-K 4 this fall so I have more life/work balance without having to look for clients year around." |

elise roseann elena s blair photography schooled online

Elise Roseann "This course has given me confidence in what I can achieve. I have all the tools I need to make this work, I couldn't recommend it enough. My first school is in October!" | |


Baby Jack at Home | Seattle Family Photography with ESB Associate


Baby Jack at Home | Seattle Family Photography with ESB Associate

When we first hired Chelsea, we just knew she had a knack for capturing families in their truest element. In addition to having a little one of her own, she’s also the kind of person who leads with love and joy, which truly shows in her work.

This mom and dad are so full of life and love for each other and their little one. Check out some highlights from their sweet home session below :)

Interested in booking a session with Chelsea? Click the button below!


Elena S Blair Photography Education | Tips and Resources for Photographers


Elena S Blair Photography Education | Tips and Resources for Photographers

It's no secret that I'm passionate about lifting up others in the photography industry. After all, it's community that's important, not competition. I love showing others that they can pursue their dream to become a photographer while building a meaningful and profitable business. 

Over at Elena S Blair Education, we do monthly cover contests in our Facebook group and these were some of this month's submissions. Check them out and be sure to join the community! We'd love to have you.

Cover photo by Natalie Marotta.

sara lee elena s blair photography education

Sara Lee "I have one of elena's creative live classes, and am currently working through all of the schooled materials ... I'm totally drinking the kool-aid on all of her education resources!" | |

jesikah lee elena s blair photography education

Jesikah Lee "I have actually just watched the creative life family lifestyle class and LOVED it. I cannot wait to put it all in place. This is a recent photo I have taken and I love it! Whilst it's scary to post photos like this on social media due to peoples opinions but I honestly love it!"

emily hines captured austin elena s blair photography education

Emily Bettis Hines "Elena’s class Lifestyle Family Photography: Posing and Direction gave me such a good foundation for running my family sessions. It gives me some great poses to start with that work for all families and listening to Elena talk about connection over perfection has given me the freedom to let go of that need for perfect shots and has allowed me to see that the beauty is in the connection- once you’ve got everyone in a good spot and get them to connect, it looks like magic even if you don’t have the perfect location, wardrobe or smiles."

sara thom elena s blair photography education

Sara Thom "Elena's Creative Live Family Posing Course was the best purchase I've made for my business! I used to feel like I had no direction during my sessions and now that I implement Elena's workflow, my sessions are so much better! I love that I'm capturing more connection between families and less "look at the camera and smile" poses!" | |

mary ann cozza elena s blair photography education

Mary Ann Cozza "I recently purchased the FPME guide and loved it! This was exactly what I was looking for, but didn't know how to ask for. The clear instructions and visual examples helped me put my vision into action. Plus, it gave me the confidence to break some photography rules I thought I needed to follow. Thanks!" |

cara butt elena s blair photography education

Cara Butt "I’ve taken Elena’s classes on creative live. She helped my find my passion again! I’m so grateful for her! 💜" | |

sarah hailey elena s blair photography education

Sarah Hailey "I love Elena's posing course. The way she broke everything down really resonated with me. It a wonderful guide that left me with a ton of posing ideas that I can modify to fit any family. " | |

deng weizhong elena s blair photography education

Deng Weizhong "I purchased Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography and it was a WEALTH of information that I had to go back again and again as my business developed. 
Although I mainly shoot documentary, I could still implement a number of concepts talked about in the course. Many nuggets of information such as having a connection and the whole customer experiences came in very helpful. 
I'm also preparing for another wing of my business when I see myself taking on some family lifestyle shoots, so it's never too early to learn new stuff!" |

jaclyn miller elena s blair photography education

Jaclyn Miller "I have taken her CreativeLive classes and posing classes! I love the way she emphasizes that all photos are posed, more so with the candid images! I love how she teaches confidence to instruct clients on how to poses and get the priceless candid images. She is a fantastic teacher, who is more then gracious to share her knowledge!" | |

emily ellis elena s blair photography education

Emily Ellis "Getting Started with Lifestyle Family Photography. This is my gem. Not only is Elena perfectly straight-forward about her process, she is so incredibly sure of herself. Aside from every note I took and the ways I’ve started implementing what I learned, I truly walked away with a sensation that had begun to fade. Passion. That driving force you feel but can’t explain so perfectly. Now I see it again in my photos and I’m so incredibly grateful."

sharon kenney elena s blair photography education

Sharon Kenney "I've taken several of Elena's courses, most recently the Lifestyle Family Photography: Posing and Direction course on CreativeLive. Her work has inspired me to let go of trying to capture perfect photos and instead focus on capturing family connection and love. :) " | |

kristen kubitza elena s blair photography education

Kristen Kubitza "I've taken Elena's Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography class. It was a game changer for me. I love capturing connection and emotion. But often this meant there was something "technically" wrong with my photos. Elena has given me the confidence in my photo's and the belief that what matters is the story being told and not "following the rules."" | |

sweet liv elena s blair photography education

Hali Resney Tomczak "Elena’s classes have taught me to go for deeper connection, and allowed me more freedom in my images by having go to poses in my pocket to pull from!"

karen webb elena s blair photography education

Karen Webb "I did Elena's the Art of Lifestyle Family Photography in 2016. It was a turning point for me in how to capture families with soul and connection." | |

joy leduc elena s blair photography education

Joy LeDuc "I took Elena’s family photography class on Creative Live and it gave me the foundation and systems for my family photography business. I’m eternally grateful!"

wendy sulzer elena s blair photography education

Wendy Sulzer "I took Elena's clickin mom's course for Lifestyle sessions, so helpful." and facebook is

kelly rochleau elena s blair photography education

Kelly Rochleau "Total game changer. That’s what Elena’s Family Posing Made Easy course was for me. Her straightforward, no nonsense teaching gave me the confidence necessary to take control of my sessions in a new way. She takes the mystery out of running a successful lifestyle session and capturing those “candid” moments."

pelin ozaydin elena s blair photography education

Pelin Ozaydin "I am from UK and I just recently discovered Elena and her workshop. I was that person she mentioned on her lesson. Confused, no plan , stressed etc. Her workshop is such an eye opener! Thank you 😊" |

tania veta elena s blair photography education

Tania Veta "I've taken Elena's Family Posing class on Creative Live. It was a total game change for me. I finally decided which photo niche I'd like to pursue. This class gave me a good kick start to Thank you, Elena, for "everyday" encouragement. " |

amy mehlos elena s blair photography education

Amy Mehlos "Elena's workshops have given me the confidence to let go of perfection and focus on the love in family sessions." |

arielle joffe elena s blair photography education

Arielle Joffe "I’ve taken Elena’s Getting Started with Lifestyle Family Photography and am actually just watching it for the second time. I’ve been given so much confidence from watching her!" | |

kat rigdon elena s blair photography education

Kat Rigdon "I have purchased both of Elena’s Creative Live Classes and I love them both. The thing I like the most is her teaching style, she’s very easy to listen to and the way she shows you how to build the poses is awesome. It’s made the entire process less nerve-wracking."

jaime radovic elena s blair photography education

Jaime Radovic "I purchased Elena's Creative Live Family Posing Class. I loved it so much that I made my way to her website and youtube channels. She touched on topics that I could strongly relate to and I love her down-to-earth style and willingness to share her knowledge, tips and talent!" | |

theresa burkhart elena s blair photography education

Theresa Burkhart "Elena's get started with Lifestyle Family Photography and her Family Posing made easy class changed my life! After I watched them and started using Elena's tips and tricks all of a sudden everyone wanted to book me. I went from 3 sessions on the books for the rest of the year to fully booked for the next 3 months and I am STILL getting inquiries 😍😍😍 I can't thank her enough!" | |

ginger miner elena s blair photography education

Ginger Miner "I have taken Elena's classes and love her style. Elena you are so encouraging thank you. I am following a dream of building my business and truly appreciate her classes." |

natalie marotta elena s blair photography education

Natalie Marotta "I am a part of all of Elena's communities and classes. She and her community of followers continue to inspire me daily with my work." |

Natalia Elżbieta elena s blair photography education

Natalia Elżbieta "Elena has given me freedom to shoot what I see and not what I think other people might want to see." | |

malin pettersen elena s blair photography education

Malin Pettersen "Elena has given me some really powerful tools when it comes to creating the connection I want to capture, in a effortless and fun way." | |

elise roseann elena s blair photography education

Elise Roseann "I've taken Schooled, Getting Started in Lifestyle Photography and Elena's posing class on creativelive. 
The schooled course has given me all the tools I need to feel confident in the product I'm offering.
The posing and lifestyle class have revolutionised my lifestyle business. I now go to every shoot knowing exactly what I'm doing, and that is really felt by my clients. It's even impacted my newborn and couples shoots, making me feel like I CAN direct and guide my clients, and I can trust my eye and artistic voice. Thank you!" | |

gina wiseman elena s blair photography education

Gina Wiseman "Wow! I have purchased all of Elena’s class on Creative Live and immediately knew this was the Photography I wanted to do! I love the realness of her photos!" | |



Three Reasons Why You Should Have Maternity Photos Taken | Seattle Maternity Photographer

Maternity photography is a somewhat new thing. In fact, I don't even remember it being that popular when I was pregnant with my 11 and 8 year olds. 

I want to be completely honest, many women don't feel their best while they are pregnant. Sure, it can be a magical, meaningful, transformative time. But that doesn't mean it you have to love it.

A lot of women have hesitations about being captured while pregnant. When their body isn't at all in the sate it is usually in.  And many have a TON of hesitations about being the center of attention during a photo shoot during such a time.  

I want to share with you three reasons why I KNOW you should have maternity photos taken. By me, by one of my friends, by anyone. 

1. Your body is doing magnificent work. Your body is growing a human. Your heart is literally beating for two. You have such a powerful body that it can sustain life for both you and your  unborn child. You NEED photos of your body when it is doing such a sacred job. 

2. Your family dynamic is about to change. Weather this is your fist baby. Weather you have a fur baby. Weather you have 5 kids and this is your 6th. This baby will quite literally change EVERYTHING. It is very special to capture what your family looks like right now before it all changes. Sure, the change is for the better, but what you are right now is special and should be captured. 

3. You will forget what it's like to be pregnant. My friends, my kids are 11, 8, and 4. I have about 2 photos of me pregnant. Sometimes I rack my brain trying to remember what it felt like to carry my three babies inside my body. Even if you don't love being pregnant, you will want to remember what it felt like and photos will help take you back. 

Bonus number 4. 

You deserve to have photos where you look like the queen, goddess that you are. Period. And any maternity photographer will make you feel that way. ME especially. 

So don't hesitate to have those maternity photos taken. You won't regret it. 

P.S. This Daddy purchased a maternity and newborn package for his wife for her fist mothers day! Pretty much melted my heart. 


Family Posing Made Easy | Elena S Blair Education for Photographers


Family Posing Made Easy | Elena S Blair Education for Photographers

As an instructor, my goal isn't to show my students how to be like me; I want to show my students how to be uniquely themselves. I'm so proud to say they do just that!

So I wanted to share some of their beautifully connected family shots from our group's monthly cover contest. Check out their work below!

And if you're interested in learning more, register for the Family Posing Made Easy intro webinar below! 

kimberly ann williams family posing made easy

Kimberly Ann Williams

emily dowell family posing made easy

Emily Dowell

jennifer lagrange family posing made easy education

Jennifer LaGrange "Before Elena’s course I would have never been able to capture connection that felt natural. My momma’s hearts melt now when they see their photos with their babies 😊

cari bradley family posing made easy

Cari Bradley "This course has helped me focus in on the photos I knew I loved and helped me discover why I love them! It has helped me define my why and focus in on the photos I want to take 💕"

mallerie veillon family posing made easy

Malerie Veillon "This course seemed to come right when I needed it! The perfect resource for posing in a natural and connected way."

selfimage photography family posing made easy

Rivkah Leah Gelb "The FPME class offers great formulas to us when working with my clients! It’s encouraged me to get in and adjust clients and know that I can choose to THAT photographer who does that to ensure the results I want!"

amy jo erikson family posing made easy

Amy Erickson "Until this course came along, I was getting frustrated with getting those seemingly unposed shots during my sessions. I didn't understand how to guide my families to create the shots I had in mind. But this course changed all that and gave me the confidence to guide the people in front of my camera. Elena is a master at teaching and sharing her knowledge. I am forever grateful for all she does and shares!"

stacey nagile family posing made easy elena s blair

Stacey Nagile "Thank you."