As an instructor, my goal isn't to show my students how to be like me; I want to show my students how to be uniquely themselves. I'm so proud to say they do just that!

So I wanted to share some of their beautifully connected family shots from our group's monthly cover contest. Check out their work below!

And if you're interested in learning more, register for the Family Posing Made Easy intro webinar below! 

kimberly ann williams family posing made easy

Kimberly Ann Williams

emily dowell family posing made easy

Emily Dowell

jennifer lagrange family posing made easy education

Jennifer LaGrange "Before Elena’s course I would have never been able to capture connection that felt natural. My momma’s hearts melt now when they see their photos with their babies 😊

cari bradley family posing made easy

Cari Bradley "This course has helped me focus in on the photos I knew I loved and helped me discover why I love them! It has helped me define my why and focus in on the photos I want to take 💕"

mallerie veillon family posing made easy

Malerie Veillon "This course seemed to come right when I needed it! The perfect resource for posing in a natural and connected way."

selfimage photography family posing made easy

Rivkah Leah Gelb "The FPME class offers great formulas to us when working with my clients! It’s encouraged me to get in and adjust clients and know that I can choose to THAT photographer who does that to ensure the results I want!"

amy jo erikson family posing made easy

Amy Erickson "Until this course came along, I was getting frustrated with getting those seemingly unposed shots during my sessions. I didn't understand how to guide my families to create the shots I had in mind. But this course changed all that and gave me the confidence to guide the people in front of my camera. Elena is a master at teaching and sharing her knowledge. I am forever grateful for all she does and shares!"

stacey nagile family posing made easy elena s blair

Stacey Nagile "Thank you."