Maternity photography is a somewhat new thing. In fact, I don't even remember it being that popular when I was pregnant with my 11 and 8 year olds. 

I want to be completely honest, many women don't feel their best while they are pregnant. Sure, it can be a magical, meaningful, transformative time. But that doesn't mean it you have to love it.

A lot of women have hesitations about being captured while pregnant. When their body isn't at all in the sate it is usually in.  And many have a TON of hesitations about being the center of attention during a photo shoot during such a time.  

I want to share with you three reasons why I KNOW you should have maternity photos taken. By me, by one of my friends, by anyone. 

1. Your body is doing magnificent work. Your body is growing a human. Your heart is literally beating for two. You have such a powerful body that it can sustain life for both you and your  unborn child. You NEED photos of your body when it is doing such a sacred job. 

2. Your family dynamic is about to change. Weather this is your fist baby. Weather you have a fur baby. Weather you have 5 kids and this is your 6th. This baby will quite literally change EVERYTHING. It is very special to capture what your family looks like right now before it all changes. Sure, the change is for the better, but what you are right now is special and should be captured. 

3. You will forget what it's like to be pregnant. My friends, my kids are 11, 8, and 4. I have about 2 photos of me pregnant. Sometimes I rack my brain trying to remember what it felt like to carry my three babies inside my body. Even if you don't love being pregnant, you will want to remember what it felt like and photos will help take you back. 

Bonus number 4. 

You deserve to have photos where you look like the queen, goddess that you are. Period. And any maternity photographer will make you feel that way. ME especially. 

So don't hesitate to have those maternity photos taken. You won't regret it. 

P.S. This Daddy purchased a maternity and newborn package for his wife for her fist mothers day! Pretty much melted my heart.