This past spring I launched my first ever online version of my in person class, Schooled. I knew that I wanted to offer a learning experience that was motivating and actionable. Too many of my students peers have told me of money spent on content that simply sits on their hard drive. 

I wanted my students to have all the tools they needed to take action and to actually start building their portfolio and booking schools immediately! Welp!! They are knocking my socks off.


Parents are craving a fresh and more personal alternative to school photography. I want to celebrate my students and share with you the amazing work they have been up to and also their kind words on how this online course has built up their businesses. 

There are so many success stories that I am breaking this up into a three post installment. Get ready to be inspired!! Go follow these talents artists today! 

fine art schooled online portrait photography emily dowell

Emily Dowell "What didn't I learn from this course? I'm so excited to have all the tools and confidence to go out and present a valuable product I believe in. Elena leaves no stone unturned and I'm sure Fine Art School Portraits is the key to taking my new business to the next level." | |

fine art child photography school portrait schooled online ashley steers volker

Ashley Steers Volker "I always thought that "Fine Art" photography was too stiff and formal for me, but I was SO wrong! Elena shares an incredible amount of information in this course, from planning & marketing, to shooting & processing, to bringing in orders & wrapping up. She pours out her heart to encourage other photographers to be open minded enough to take a leap of faith and give school portraits a try. I have gone from apprehensive and even scared to excited and motivated all because of this course! Thank you Elena!" | |

boutique child school portrait fine art ruby hue photography

Heather Svien "This course has given me the tools to take my business to another level. Providing me with a workflow for the business end and pushing myself creatively, I have been able to book one school for the fall and be confident that I can deliver the the best experience for the school. Elena held nothing back in sharing what it takes to make Fine Art School Portraits a successful part of your photography business." | |

schooled online elena blair fine art portrait photography jen bauldree

Jennifer Bauldree "Elena's course was a game-changer for me and my business. My school portrait business has already begun to grow, with two schools already booked and thrilled about what they will offer to their families! Elena's style is direct and encouraging, and the instructions and tutorials are so easy to follow. This comprehensive course is fantastic and I'm grateful for Elena putting her heart into it and into the student community." | |

fine art child school portrait photography seattle shannon garbaccio

Shannon Garbaccio "Elena has created a terrific, fool proof course to take your photography business to the next level. I have been able to add a whole new facet to my business, its truly invaluable ! The icing on the cake is her truly unwavering support and enthusiasm for each of her students success." | |

boutique art portrait photography grandparents schooled online course joyful jane

Malerie Veillon "This course was the stepping stone that helped me simply get started in my photography side business. I'm so passionate about these fine art portraits, I'm even branching out to grandparents for my own personal projects!" |

boutique school child portrait photography course fine art laurie hatfield

Laurie Hatfield "I don't even know where to start about this course! I felt for a while like I would enjoy school photography but had NO idea where to even begin. Elena's course walks you through everything from start to finish! I went from some free portfolio-building shoots to booking some paid mini sessions in my home and booking my son's preschool for portraits this coming spring! I can't wait to see where it goes from here!" | |

black and white fine art child school portrait photography nicole parizo

Nicole Parizo "I have found another genre to add to my work! I absolutely love taking pictures of these kiddos. If it weren't for Elena's class I wouldn't think this would be something I would even like or be good at. She is simply amazing and generous with sharing her knowledge!!" | |

schooled online boutique art child school portrait photography julia lorraine

Julia Lorraine Peterson "Elena made starting out in boutique school photography organized and fun while taking all the dread out of it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Elena has a tried and true method that is simple and effective." | |

black and white fine art child school portrait photographer lisa cole schooled online

Lisa Cole "I loved how straightforward the information was in this course and that I was able to immediately (and confidently) add school portraits to my services."

www.lisacolephotography.com |

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