This past spring I launched my first ever online version of my in person class, Schooled. I knew that I wanted to offer a learning experience that was motivating and actionable. Too many of my students peers have told me of money spent on content that simply sits on their hard drive. 

I wanted my students to have all the tools they needed to take action and to actually start building their portfolio and booking schools immediately! Welp!! They are knocking my socks off.


Parents are craving a fresh and more personal alternative to school photography. I want to celebrate my students and share with you the amazing work they have been up to and also their kind words on how this online course has built up their businesses. 

There are so many success stories that I am breaking this up into a three post installment. Get ready to be inspired!! Go follow these talents artists today! 

schooled online fine art child school portrait photography monica glover

Monica Glover "I am so glad I discovered Elena's class! As soon as I saw her portfolio, I knew this is the kind of portrait I would love to do. She explained everything thoroughly and really pour out her time and energy to teach her students. Thanks Elena!" |

black and white boutique child school portrait photography rochelle hepworth

Rochelle Hepworth "As a lifestyle family photographer, capturing the true essence of a child is the purpose with which I set out in every photo shoot. I have found most sideline incomes in photography to require me to "sell out" to who I really am as an artist. Elena has shown me how I can be true to myself by offering fine art school portraits, and provided a tried and trusted business path that is clear and easy to follow, without having to invent the wheel twice." | |

elena blair schooled online fine art child portrait photographer amy jo erickson

Amy Jo Erickson "By taking this course I have the knowledge and confidence to expand my business. I am so excited to start School Photography!" | |

schooled online course fine art black and white child portrait photography kristen vallejo

Kristen Vallejo "Elena's class gave me the confidence to know that I am providing a valuable and appreciated service that is in demand. Beautiful Children's Portraiture can be accessible to everyone, and the process can be simple and elegant." | |

boutique fine art school child portrait photography course yellow room

Jocelyn Nolte Miller "This helped me gain confidence in an arena that I have very little knowledge. It was awesome to learn I could take this on while also promoting my lifestyle family work and increasing my income. I have my first set of schools in one month! " | |

black and white fine art school child portrait photography class meg miller

Meg Miller "Oh this course... where do I start? It allows each CHILD to shine... their personality, their spark...just as they are. You brought the focus back on what it should be on-the child! When you appreciate them as they are, their unique personality shine through and allows us, as the photographers, to soak up all of that goodness... exactly as their parents want to remember them." | |

boutique seattle portrait photography online course kerie griggs

Kerie Griggs "I am so excited about expanding my business and opening up another area of revenue. I love photographing kiddos so this was right up my alley! The information provide in this course was amazing!" | |

schooled online fine art child portrait photography erin wood

Erin Wood "This course allowed me to open up a new branch of my business in a short amount of time. No question went unanswered and I already booked my first school! This is a great class!" | |