Maternity photography is actually sorta new. When our mothers were pregnant, they had to wear baggy clothing and pregnancy wasn't celebrated like it is today. I am so glad this has changed.

Maternity photography is a luxury that many pass up. When we are pregnant we feel big, uncomfortable, and often impatient. But having experienced pregnancy three times myself I promise you that you will miss it. Even if you don't miss it, you will want beautiful imagery to reflect on it. 

I have very few images of myself when I was pregnant and it pains me. I wish so badly that I had photos of myself carrying each of my babies as that time went by so fast and quite honestly, I hardly remember it. 

When a family inquires about my maternity and newborn package I am thrilled because I know they are investing in their memory bank, in their legacy. I also love getting to know couples or families before they welcome their new baby into the world. There is so much excitement in the air you can practically feel it. 

This couple was so much fun to photograph! They cracked up laughing the whole time and were clearly very much in love. I have since met their baby girl and phtoographed them as a new family at their newborn photography session. I will share that another time. For now, soak up the love and anticpation that they so clearly felt on this day.