I have had the absolute honor of teaching at Clickaway for the past three years. Clickaway is an international photography conference where like minded photographers come from all over the world to learn, inspire, and connect. 

Speaking at a conference was not a goal I set for myself. I owe this honor all to Clickinmoms, an amazing company that has helped me grow as a photographer more than I ever could have imagined. When they asked me to be a main speaker in 2015 I was shocked but I gladly accepted. Since then I have gone on to speak at other conferences and have learned that speaking is quite rewarding. To be able to reach a large amount of people all at once and in person is an amazing thing. I am truly grateful for this opportunity. 

This past year Clickaway was here in Seattle, which was super fun. My role this year was as a small group instructor where I took about 50 photographers to the streets of Seattle to watch me work with families in an urban environment. I also did a few indoor shoots as well. 

I knew I wanted to use this little family as models. They are very special and very much full of love. I met Aubri when I was still working as a nurse and have always enjoyed her company. She has such a unique personal style that I knew would fit right in to the Seattle scene. 

Enjoy this little family. They are such great subjects for my class. 

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