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It is family photography season and I am so excited to see so many of my returning families and many, many new families as well! Weather you have a family session scheduled with me or another photographer, chances are you have questions on how to prepare. I get asked about wardrobe by 100% of my families and I am happy to give a little guidance. I thought I would start a series of blog posts here as a reference for my families and other people looking for ideas on planning their wardrobe and preparing for their family session. Today, we will focus on wardrobe. 

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If you have invested in custom, lifestyle photography, you are likely excited about planning for your session. The reason I call it an investment is because it is. It is an investment in your money and your most valuable currency, your time and you want to make sure that everything goes great! One of the most fun parts of preparing for your session is planning what you will wear. This is the time to really express who you are! I know some of you stress about getting your outfits together, but trust me, you don't have to. While I don't style my families, I do help them along the way if they ask. Here are some basic tips in preparing your outfits. 

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1. Most important tip. Be yourself!! Lifestyle photography, especially from an artist like myself, is meant to be authentic. If you don't usually wear dressy clothing, don't. If your daughter hates dresses, don't put her in a dress. If your son can't stand wearing button down shirts, don't put him in one. If you are a sporty family, dress sporty. You can find clothing that fits your style that is clean, nice, and comfortable. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't dress your best, but it does mean that you can dress your best in your own style. 

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2. Coordinate, don't match. There are rare occasions where everyone in the same color works, however generally you want diversity in colors and patterns. To be frank, it is cheesy and out of style for everyone to be wearing jeans and white polos. When thinking about colors, choose colors that compliment each other. 

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3. Stay away from graphics and florescent colors. Please, don't let your kids wear those athletic shirts that are bright neon orange or yellow. What that means is that your kids face will be bright neon orange or yellow. Graphics tend to go out of style so I suggest staying away from them. 

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4. Make sure the clothing you choose fits. I get it. Kids grow fast and you want to get the most out of each clothing item. But this isn't the time. It doesn't look good when kiddos clothing is baggy or rolled up to fit. 

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5. Mom, this is your time to shine! I love when moms are in dresses (if they like dresses) or an outfit they feel great in! Mom, go out and buy your outfit or choose your outfit out of your closet first. Choose something you feel amazing in and build the families outfits around yours. 

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6. Dress in layers. Layers add interest but also allow for removing clothing if it gets warm. Think scarfs, hats, vests, cardigans, tights, blazers, jackets....

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7. Don't forget shoes and accessories are important too. A great outfit with ratty shoes won't look as good. Think about how the shoes will match as well as necklaces and headbands etc. These items can add a pop of color too!


8. Make a Pinterest board or inspiration board with outfit ideas. It will help you get a feel for colors and patterns you love as well as trends you like. 


9. Ask your photographer for help! Don't be shy. We are more than happy to help you along the way. Promise!

Have fun with this!! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. :)