When Bre Thurston and I decided to host exclusive photography retreats we had no idea the fulfillment that it would bring to us. It all started with a text message that would change our lives. I said, "we should come up with  a learning experience that is not only a way to become a better photographer but is also a way to relax and rejuvenate." Bre immediately agreed with me and together we brainstormed and came up with what is now Blair and Thurston. Within 24 hours time we had a website and a plan and our dreams begin to take shape. You could say that we are highly motivated but I like to think that we are highly passionate. When we want something we work hard and we make it a reality and we really wanted this to be a beautiful reality.

Nearly a year later we have hosted two wildly successful retreats where we laughed, cried,  and saw so much growth in our attendees, but what's more is the growth that we have seen in each other. We have always been good friends but now our relationship is even more. I can't really put my finger on it,  at the risk of sounding cheesy I will say that Bre is one of my soulmates. It's like this was our calling and we can't wait to see where our Retreats take us. Our Retreats are like no other photography retreats in the industry. They are intimate, luxurious, and from the words of some of our attendees,  they are like changing. Unlike so many other photography education programs out there, Bre and I aren't trying to make our attendees be like us we're trying to make them the best them!

Our next photography retreat is an Austin Texas we are so excited!

These photos are from the family session that took place during our Last Retreat on Bainbridge Island. The Wilsons are good friends of mine and they were the absolute best family we could have asked for.