It is so interesting how life brings people together. It is all a matter of chance really. Things just align in the right way to match us up with others. But in some instances, it just seems like it is meant to be. That was the case when we met the Briggs family six years ago. We had just moved to Seattle with our nearly two year old, new jobs, new home, and not one friend who had children. I will admit, I felt a bit lonely in the mom world I was living. Thankfully, we joined cooperative preschool, a decision that has enriched our lives in so many ways, we found our community through co op. On the first day of school I looked over and realized that I recognized one of the moms from my husband's beginning of the year work party. Phebe and I realized that our husbands worked together and by chance we were also in the same cooperative preschool. Total coincidence. The past six years our families have grown close and our husbands still work together. Phebe and I have supported each other through the many waves of mothering. We have very similar parenting styles and that can be hard to find in a mama friend. When I need to vent I know I can send her a text and that she will completely understand. When I feel like I am screwing up my kids I can check in with Phebe and she will reassure me that they will be fine. Our families often get together and the kids run wild while us parents have a glass of wine (or 5) and just relax. We have taken multiple little vacations together and I even had the privilege of being present at the birth of their sweet baby girl. All in all, this has been such a special friendship that I know will continue to grow.

I have photographed them on numerous occasions but this shoot is my favorite. When I flipped through the final gallery a smile was plastered on my face. I can feel the life and love of their family when I look at these photographs and that is all I can hope for in my work.