This little guy is the newest addition to my husband's side of the family. He belongs to my husbands first cousin. I was flattered when they asked me to come in and capture this very important time in their lives. I met baby Zachary on a rainy Seattle Saturday morning. His big brother and daddy were out at a birthday party so it was just his mommy and I in the beginning. I marveled over how tiny he was and how sweet. He made the cutest little noises. He brought me back to my NICU nursing days when I got to spend time with tiny babies all the time. These little humans are amazing really. Such a perfection. I was able to capture him and his mama for a while and then get lots of newborn photos of him alone. Then his brother arrived and he was super excited to have his photos taken with his baby brother. You can see in the photos that is is absolutely bursting with pride for his little brother. He reminded me of my son when he was only three and we had our second. Three year olds have so much energy and excitement for life.

Newborn photography is so rewarding. I love getting to step into the home during this time in a family's life. So many changes going on and it is such a joy to capture it. Newborns don’t stay small for long. Before you know it they fill in those skin folds, stretch out those limbs, and open those eyes. Enjoy this little guy and his beautiful family.


This whole session was edited with my new Photoshop action set “Indoor Love.” It is a complete set that works well with all types of indoor light and it includes black and white conversions as well. You can find more information about my actions and other opportunities for photographers by clicking on the following button.