Schooled student spotlight: Jen Bauldree

Jen Bauldree | Schooled spotlight | Elena S Blair Photographer Educator Mentor

Welcome to another Schooled Spotlight! If you’d like to check out our previous Schooled Student Spotlights, click here or here.

Today we’re introducing you to Jen Bauldree of Jen Bauldree Photography. Jen joined Schooled two years ago when she decided she was interested in adding an additional revenue stream to her business (hint… it worked!). Plus she thought it would be fun to try!

How was taking Schooled valuable?

“Every aspect of the Schooled course was useful, particularly the videos explaining the set up, equipment and ordering process,” Jen says. “The Facebook community has continued to be an amazingly valuable source of ideas, tips, and support over the last 2 years!!” That’s what we love to hear!

Has it been profitable to add Fine art school photography to your business?

In the past two years since taking Schooled Online, Jen has photographed six preschools and has done four cap and gown preschool portrait sessions. She pulls in over $3,600 per school and made over $14,000 just in the first year alone. Wow.

Besides having a “dependable revenue stream in the spring and fall from the schools,” Jen also has taken the Schooled model and expanded it to now offer Father Daughter dances and mini sessions. Great idea, Jen!

Check out Jen’s work below! You can learn more about Jen at her website, and you can find her on Facebook or Instagram!

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