I fall in love with all the families I get to capture. I mean that. They’re not just “clients” to me. I see most of my families at least once a year (if not several times) and have been seeing them for YEARS. They are absolutely my friends. So when they move, I legit feel like a friend is moving away. 

This family announced they were moving to NOLA right after I captured their littlest guy a few weeks ago.

Well as it turns out, I’m actually going to be in NOLA for The Family Narrative in March and I realized I needed models for one of my classes. I emailed them and they said YES!! I can’t wait to take their photos again. As you can see, I’ve had the honor of capturing a few milestones for them so far and I’m looking forward to many more sessions with them.

Photography has brought me so many opportunities and so many wonderful friendships. I will never take it for granted! 

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