If you sign up for my Family Posing Made Easy course, I share ALL of my base poses for connected family posing. You will be given actionable steps that you will be able to implement immediately. I will share with you exactly what I say to execute each pose. You will get tips on how to maximize each pose so you can get as many images as possible from each pose. You will learn how to make each pose unique to both your artistic style and each individual family's dynamic. 

In addition, you will be added to an amazing online community of active family photographers from all over the world. We host monthly cover contests and below are this month's cover submissions. Check them out and click the button below to learn more about Family Posing Made Easy!

Cover photo by Karra Cappelli.

Karra Cappelli elena s blair family posing made easy

Karra Cappelli "The course has made me more vocal and confident with my families!"


mary ann cozza elena s blair family posing made easy

Mary Ann Cozza "This course was exactly what I was looking for, but didn't know how to ask for. The clear instructions and visual examples helped me put my vision into action. Plus, it gave me the confidence to break some photography rules I thought I needed to follow. Thanks!"


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sarah hailey elena s blair family posing made easy online course

Sarah Hailey "I love Elena's posing course. The way she broke everything down really resonated with me. It a wonderful guide that left me with a ton of posing ideas that I can modify to fit any family."


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shannon garbaccio family posing made easy

Shannon Garbaccio "The best thing about Elena's class is that you can take the base poses she gives you and completely make them your own. It helps you understand where to start, and then the sky's the limit!"


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cari anne family posing made easy elena s blair

Cari Anne Bradley "Elena’s teachings have been such a blessing!!"

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kellie benich elena s blair family posing made easy course

Kellie Benich "My beautiful friend's due date is TODAY! I'm diving in with practicing what I've learned from Elena's family posing made easy guide - I love how you can just forget the "rules" and focus on capturing the family's love and personality unfold."


jodie faulder elena s blair family posing made easy online course for photographers

Jodie Faulder "Elena is an advocate for so many, and I know she wants so much for us all. I appreciate how giving of her time and knowledge she is. Her courses and materials have given me support and power to direct, but to also to let things 'be'. I don't feel intense pressure before a shoot as I know I am equipped to handle a few scenarios or options that will allow me to deliver a great gallery."



rebecca lueck family posing made easy elena s blair

Rebecca Lueck "This course has made such a difference in my posing and helping me get more variety. I feel like I was running out of ideas and this has reenergized my brain! The poses are adaptable to your situation and I personally like to try and create games within the pose, or think of fun or sweet prompts to use with them."


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Kristen pay elena s blair photography family posing made easy

Kristen Pay "This course was pivotal in me overcoming fears and stepping out of my comfort zone. It was a turning point in my career. It helped guide me on how to direct people - not just families, but couples as well. The ideas and posing directions have helped me become even more creative in my own ideas. It's so nice to have a resource that not only teaches and explains, but also provides a great reference, and "starting point" that you can build off of."

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robyn scherer family posing made easy online course by elena s blair
sweet liv elena s blair photography family posing made easy

Hali Resney Tomczak