I recently created a group for all of my students to gather, from Schooled to FPME, and I can't thank everyone enough for the art and support I'm seeing. I'm so grateful.

Every month, we do a cover contest so of course I have to share their work ;) Check out how amazing my students are below!

elena s blair photography education family posing | courtney lynn

Courtney Lynn "These classes have helped me become more creative and capture raw emotions in a family that I had always dreamed of capturing, just never knew how to accomplish it! Thank you for that!"


elena s blair photography education jessica brake

Jessica Brake "I took your CreativeLive class and it totally changed my perspective on family shoots! I can now go into a session with less stress knowing that I can just let the family be themselves with little to no directing from me!"


elena s blair photography education cara olson

Cara Olson "I took the "Getting Started with Lifestyle Family Photography" through Creative Live. This course gave me the confidence I needed to start shooting sessions way I had always envisioned them being. I am so thankful for your willingness to share your incredible talent!"


elena s blair photography education jen pagnucco

Jen Pagnucco "I took your creative live class and it's literally changed everything. It was like you gave me permission to stop forcing families to "say cheese" and "look at the camera". I was craving a change and a way to use my work to display connection and the love between families and your course flipped that switch for me. I finally feel like I'm taking pictures authentic to who I am."


elena s blair seattle photography education elena streeter

Elena Streeter "I took Family Posing Made Easy and watched a creative live on family photography business. Between those two I got confidence going into my sessions. I have game plan and poses to provide variety to my clients and my sessions are full of life!"


elena s blair photography education tania veta

Tania Veta "I took a CreativeLive class about lifestyle family posing. It gave me the confidence of what kind of photography I really want to do. It also gave me a boost to my new carrier path. I literally printed ~50 PDFs of family posing ideas, took with me on my next photo session. I finally created my own website. I’ve never been so much determined as I’m right now. Thank you, Elena, for inspiration!"


elena s blair photography education leah vasquez

Leah Vasquez "I have taken Elena’s Family Lifestyle as Art, I went to her in person workshop, Lady Boss workshops and her recent Family posing guide. I sound like a stalker, lol. But in all seriousness I have learned so much from this brilliant lady. 
I feel so confident working with my families, and deliver the galleries that make my heart sing as a mama."


dycie jo elena s blair photography education

Dycie Jo "I took your creative live course and your webinar. I bought your family posing guide and it has completely changed my family sessions! Family sessions have my heart!"


tabitha maegan elena s blair photography education

Tabitha Maegan "I am so happy to be part of this group. You and all of the members here are just so inspiring! I have taken your courses on Creative Live and I think two things that have made the most impact on me and my business as a lifestyle family photographer is 1) taking multiple shots within one pose (like.. duh, why wouldn't you?) but I am so glad I learned to do that from you because it adds so much variety within the family's gallery. and 2) making sure to capture connection, even if someone is blurred out or even if there is a sun flare! This is an image I would have thrown out because Mom is not in focus but I absolutely love this shot because of the connection! <3"


everyday artistry elena s blair photography education

Lori Seitz Rider "I've been a follower and fan since Going Beyond the Pose on Clickin Moms. I'm excited for my first workshop in Maine this fall!"


mary ann cozza elena s blair photography education

Mary Ann Cozza "I love all the material that Elena Sanchez Blair provides her community via blog posts, emails,live chats, etc., but after purchasing the Family Posing Guide - I had an "aha" moment. It felt like things clicked into place and my confidence before sessions skyrocketed. I'm still in the early stages of building a business, but I feel more prepared than ever to knock clients' socks off!"


beth minnier elena s blair photography education

Beth Minnier "Family photography used to be the one genre that I always tried to stay away from. I had a few basic poses that I would do and then I would basically get lost and not know what else to do to finish the session. One day an ad popped up in my newsfeed for Creative Live. I started browsing through the classes and found Elena's class. I bought it right away and watched it all in one day because I found it all so fascinating that I didn't want to turn it off. The class was a game changer for me. I found myself excited to photograph a family. The picture I'm posting is a family that I have known for a long time as I used to work with the dad. I messaged his wife and asked if they would be up for a free family session as I was looking to update my portfolio. This is one of my favorite images from that session. I delivered their images to them and everyone loved them and from that session I got more inquries! I'm so thankful that I found Elena and this group. I am no longer referring people to other photographers for family photos."


melissa ann elena s blair photography education

Melissa Ann "I’ve taken your class on Clickin Moms and it was phenomenal! It allowed me to break free from my studio!"


second ave photography elena s blair education

Blaire Elizabeth Ring "I took The Art of Lifestyle Family Photography. It had been on my list FOREVER and then when Elena announced it was the last run through Clickin Moms, I had to take it. It gave me so much confidence in directing my clients, big and small."


alicia mayorca elena s blair photography education

Alicia Mayorca "I took Elena’s the Art of Lifestyle class back in December and it was amazing... changed my approach forever! Thanks Elena"


sara thom elena s blair photography education

Sara Thom "I took Elena’s Creative Live Family posing course and it has changed how my sessions flow IMMENSELY! I no longer go into a session feeling like I have no direction. I feel much more confident in directing my clients during sessions."


joann hartley elena s blair photography education

JoAnn Hartley "I recently purchased the "Get Started with Lifestyle Photography" and watched the entire thing straight through! I was so excited about everything that I was learning and just couldn't stop until I finished the class. This class changed my approach to my sessions immediately!! I shot this family session two days later and tackled it with confidence and control from start to finish. THANK YOU ELENA!"


laura de la hunty elena s blair photography education

Laura De La Hunty "I was so excited to watch Elena's Webinar on family posing. Every thing this lady says is gold in my eyes."



Melany Lane "The first time I saw live broadcast “Get started with lifestyle family photography” I decided “THIS IS IT!” I didn’t plan to become a family photographer because all family photos I saw were boring, but this course made me buy a camera and begin shooting.

kelsey cunningham

Kelsey Cunningham "I bought my camera 8 months ago when I decided I wanted to follow my dreams and actually love my job! I took Elena's Lifestyle Family Photography class a few months ago and it really changed things for me. Currently trying to build my portfolio! I texted my husband today "Isn't it funny how much I love doing all of this "work" for free?" I love it! Life. Changed."

shannon vizeau

Shannon Vizeau "I have watched Elena’s Creative Live classes... it was like a light bulb turned on! I saw the creativity and the beauty in her sessions and I couldn’t wait to start applying the things she taught into my own sessions. I am so excited to be a part of this community and continue learning!"


svitlana photography

Svetlana Vostrova "I've seen two Elena's classes on CreativeLive ("Get Started with Family Lifestyle Photography" and Lifestyle Family Photography: Posing and Direction). I'm still in the process of defining my photography style but Elena's classes and her work are really inspiring."


kristen pay photography

Kristen Pay "I've been a creative creature since the day I could hold my own pencil. I was born to "do art". When I was little I would peruse my mama's photo albums getting lost in this world I had created - pouring over every single image. Photos of people I had never known. For hours on end I would do this, taking in every single detail.

Fast forward many years, and I had children young, married young, and divorced young. I found myself needing a career to support myself and three children. I went to university and became a Legal Assistant. It took me all of three months working full time to realize it was a horrible mistake. I could feel my soul dying. I needed to be in a creative field. My partner encouraged me to pursue photography. I joined an 8 week photography workshop. I went out and bought a full frame camera after my first class. I knew it was for me. 

I have this incredible passion to capture people. Their real emotions. The "rawness" of it all. I love it. I love it so much I'm tearing up just typing this. <3

Elena's Creative Live course "Get Started With Lifestyle Family Photography" was my starting gate. I watched the course, then bought the course, then later purchased her posing guide. It has been SO helpful. I tweak her poses to make them my own, and have my phone with me during sessions for when I get stuck. She is definitely my "Family Lifestyle Photography" role model. I love that she gets personal with her clients, and doesn't hesitate to share her own story about how she discovered her passion for her business. I can relate to her. I can emphasize with her. It makes it so much more personable. 

Elena is #photographergoals ;)"


kayla kohn

Kayla Kohn "I’ve taken Elenas ladyboss workshops class with Sandra Coan. I took it 6 months ago and have posted a few blogs that really speak to my viewers about what they inquire about and want to know. Under certain search’s I rank FIRST on google for my location! This is so because of how lady boss workshops taught me to market myself. Here’s one of my best blog post! Incredibly grateful for everything these two ladies have taught me! Oh and I’ve totally invested in Elena’s creative live lifestyle photography course! So worth the money!"


cara butt

Cara Butt "I’ve been a photographer for over 13 years. This includes 2 years of formal photography education. Through these years, I almost completely lost my passion for it and had basically given up. Last year I found Elena. I’ve seen two of her classes on Creative live and to say it’s change my life is an understatement. I’ve now gone full throttle with my business, get more clients then I ever have before, and LOVE what I do more then I ever thought possible. Every single session gets me excited. Even my turnaround is typically under a week because i get so excited about my images I can’t wait to work on them. 
Thank you, Elena! I can’t wait to be at one of your retreats next year!"