School Photography has been around since the beginning of time!

My parents have classic photos of themselves when they were school age and they are incredible. 

What is odd is that as time when on the images became more "cheesy." Odd backgrounds were introduced and stiff posing was encouraged.

It is almost like it has become a right of passage to have a bad school photo taken. 

But I disagree.

While more photos are being taken digitally these days, School Portraits are still some of the only professional photos a family has taken. 

Not all families prioritize custom portraiture. 

So why not offer a better experience? Why not offer a better product? Why not offer a Fine Art Portrait in place of the standard cheesy School Portrait?

Each year I photograph over a thousand children at various schools across the greater Seattle area. 

I know this is well received. 

I have an online course, Schooled, where I teach photographers how to execute this in their business.

It has helped launch businesses, given photographers alternate revenue streams, and provided amazing direct marketing for hundreds of photographers across the globe. 

Each month we have a cover contest in our group to champion our peers and share our journey. 

Below are the photographs that my students took and shared this month. Aren't they incredible?

schooled online boutique school photography course for photographers by elena s blair | cami graham turpin blue hill images

Cami Graham Turpin "I didn't think school portraits were something that would fit my brand or that I'd even want to do. I don't love studio or formal portrait photography at all! But now that I've done several schools using what I've learned from this course, I believe this fits my brand perfectly. I'm SO happy to be able to offer this to schools! The parents are happy, and I'm building long-term relationships with schools who appreciate my artistic approach and ability to capture personalities." | |

schooled online boutique school photography course for photographers by elena s blair | christi allen curtis

Christi Allen Curtis "Love this group! I am working on getting all my info together and ready and have made my first contact for a preschool in the fall." | |

schooled online boutique photography course by elena s blair | jocelyn miller

Jocelyn Miller "This course has made me more comfortable taking portraits and has allowed me another source of income." | 

schooled online boutique photography course for photographers by elena s blair | karra cappelli

Karra Cappelli "This course has helped me become more comfortable with simple portraits! I’m so much more confident when chatting with kids (it seems silly, I know!) Thank you Elena!!!" | |

schooled online boutique photography course for photographers | sara thom

Sara Thom "Just my own kiddos that I’m practicing on right now. I haven’t reached out to schools yet but my goal this month is to get my portfolio together so I can start reaching out to schools. I am hoping I get some yeses and that this takes off! I don’t know of anyone else in my area that offers school portraits like this! I hope I can get this going!" | |

schooled online boutique photography course for photographers by elena s blair | jana bain

Jana Bain "When I first wanted to get into school photography I kept on getting stuck at how the whole workflow would go. This course was amazing at helping me see just how easily I could do this and maximise my profit. I have just completed my first school of 50 children and have made more than I anticipated I would. Thanks for the course and all your wisdom Elena!" | |

schooled online boutique photography course by elena s blair | jenn reese

Jenn Reese "My photography business has been a part-time job since I left teaching Kindergarten six years ago. Now that my kids are in school, I have a lot more time to commit to my business but I had no idea which direction to take it. The "Schooled" course popped up in my feed and I immediately knew it would be an incredible way to bring together my experience and love for teaching little ones as well my drive to build my business. In just one month of offering the portraits after learning the process through Elena's extremely detailed modules, I've tripled my monthly income from this time last year. I've also had numerous inquiries and bookings from families whose children did portraits with me. I'm totally hooked and can't wait for Fall when school starts up again and I can dive back into school portraits!" | |

schooled online boutique photography course for photographers by elena s blair | andra blythe

Andra Ogden "This course has completely opened my eyes to the possibility of creating stunning and meaningful portraits, not just school photos! I am so grateful ❤️" | |

schooled online school photography course by elena s blair | amanda evans

Amanda Evans "I recently relocated and getting into a couple of preschools has helped me grow my family photo business too! Love that. So glad to have the tools from the Schooled course!" | |

schooled online boutique photography course by elena s blair | amy williams

Amy Williams "I've been a photographer since my grandma first taught me how to hold a camera. I tried to take my photography full time but it was so stressful I ended up going back to work as a graphic designer. I still take sessions on the weekends and in the evenings during the summer, I can't not be a photographer. 
Then I saw the Schooled course and I immediately purchased it. I've been nervous to send out emails to schools but sent out my first seven today!! I am keeping all fingers and toes crossed that this could be a new start for me...again!" | |

schooled online boutique photographer course by elena s blair | anela deisler

Anela Deisler "I took this course right as I established my business and it gave me everything I needed to get rolling. I was surprised at how much I enjoy getting to be in the schools and how how honored I am to deliver these images to the families." | |

schooled online boutique school photography course by elena s blair | shannon garbaccio

Shannon Garbaccio "Elena gives you all the tools you need to start capturing school portraits tomorrow! It has been a wonderful addition to my business." | |

school photography course for photographers by elena s blair | rachael turner

Rachael Turner "I’m still building my portfolio but I am so excited about all that I’ve learned from this course already! Elena addressed parts of the process that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t thought of yet. If I had jumped in to school photography before thinking of those workflow aspects, I easily would have been in over my head. I have approached my first organizations with confidence and their initial reaction is so encouraging! I am so excited about this new business endeavor." | |

school photography course online elena s blair | kerie griggs

Kerie Griggs "I love photographing kiddos but I never thought about doing school photos because I never knew they could be so beautiful until I saw Elena's school photos. I am so glad I took her class! I have photographed 3 schools in the past 6 months and I am booked to photograph them again next year. This additional revenue stream for my business has been a blessing!" | |

school photography course elena s blair | rochelle hepworth

Rochelle Hepworth "Being able to create school portraits that are true to my lifestyle brand has been eye-opening! In fact, something that I thought would just be a side-business for slow times has shown itself to be a source of both income and job satisfaction that can rival and exceed traditional family sessions! This course has been a game-changer for me!" |

schooled boutique photography course by elena s blair | natalie marotta

Natalie Marotta "This course has been amazing in so many ways! Every little detail has helped me along the way and continues to do so with this amazing community!" | |

online school photography workshop elena s blair | alice akiyama

Alice Akiyama "This course has changed my view on my business and marketing 100%. It's been SO great to learn not only from the course but from everyone active in this group. I can't even tell you how much I refer back to the class materials when working on my own school portrait portfolio etc. I am so thankful!" |

schooled online course for photographers elena s blair | sarah hailey

Sarah Hailey "Elena's systems she gives in the course are worth every penny. I would have been lost doing my first school without them. This course has changes my business for the better!" | |

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