School Photography, or as I like to call it, Fine Art School Portraits, can transform your business. This offering can provide significant income, incredible direct marketing, and best part, it is fun!

My class, Schooled, a complete guide to Boutique School Photography, grants you entry to a beautiful online community. We have started a monthly cover contest which is a light hearted, positive contest where the group shares their favorite recent School Portrait and the group comes in and comments and encourages each others growth and talent. 

Below are some of the incredible submissions from this past months submissions. Enjoy! 

schooled online boutique photography course by elena s blair | sarah beth studios

Sarah Albrecht Asuncion | "This class has really re-energized my school photo business. I was burned out and having trouble figuring out what to do next and this gave me new direction." |

boutique online school portrait photography course schooled by elena s blair | elise roseann trim

Elise Roseann Trim | "Schooled has been absolutely inspiring. It's given me the confidence to step out and start something new, which feels amazing! Having this awesome community who are nothing but encouraging, helpful and generous is irreplaceable. I wasn't sure if it was all going to translate to the UK, but it totally does. Parents love these images, kids actually enjoy having them taken and I don't feel run off my feet to make it all happen - perfect!" | |

schooled online boutique photography course school portraits by elena s blair | kristi lesnik

Kristi Lesnik | "This group has been amazing! Definite community over competition! And this course has allowed me to fill a void that was missing in my business!" | |

online school portrait photography course schooled by elena s blair | hali resney tomsczak sweet liv photography

Hali Resney Tomczak | "All of Elena’s classes are amazing but this class has given me the confidence to build up school portrait part of my business, and given me confidence to go into schools! The community is always at your fingertips to cheer you on, ask questions, give advice, so amazing to be part of it." | |

elena s blair schooled online boutique photography business | rochelle hepworth

Rochelle Hepworth | "'Oh my gosh ... this is so HER! She twirls her hair like that since she was a baby, and we've never captured that in a photo!'
This is about as high a praise as you can wish for as a photographer, and this level of authenticity is exactly what Elena's course is set up for. Come join the school photo revolution! School photos can be art too!" |

schooled online boutique photography portrait course by elena s blair | emily dowell

Emily Dowell | "I've done 3 schools now and have had such wonderful feedback. The best is when a parent is so thrilled because their child was never tolerated having their photo taken before due to shyness or a disability. Several had never had a professional photo of their child before! The simple setup and interacting advice Elena provides have allowed me to give sweet and genuine photos of their kids they have never had before. It's been wonderful for my business too. I was able to book all my Motherhood sessions by sending home flyers with print packages."

elena s blair schooled online boutique photography online course | rusted van photography

Cicely Voigtlander Williams | "The resources and information provided through this course have helped me create a streamlined, organized process that yields me a great income during a normally "slow" time of my business! I love working with kids on an individual basis, and this class has helped given me the tools needed to confidently proceed in offering these special school sessions!"

schooled online boutique portrait photography course elena s blair | beth christensen

Beth Christensen | "This is from my first school and it was so fun! I decided to take Elena’s course as a kick start for my business. The course gave me all the information I needed to get going and the community group gave me a wonderful outlet to get feedback and ask questions." |

elena s blair online schooled photography course | three willows photographer

Beth Dotson Smith | "I had never considered school portraits before this class. I just did my first preschool (my kids school) and loved it so much! It’s so great to hear how much the parents love the images compared to the “usual” or “normal” school pictures. And the sales are great while still being super affordable for families. Love, love, love everything I learned." | |

schooled online boutique portait photography course by elena s blair | kellie pecoraro

Kellie Pecoraro | "I started school portraits on my own, but found great tips in Elena's course to help smooth out and streamline my own processes. More importantly I gained confidence in someone having my back! Although I'm not super active in this group, I love popping in to see how many people are doing great things with their school photography and it is very inspiring! I love to be able to offer tidbits I've picked up along the way, and I know there are so many in this community who do so freely! This is such a wonderful group to be a part of!" | |

elena s blair schooled online portrait photography for schools | kelly power

Kelly Power | "I booked my first school (daughter's preschool) in 2016 and luckily found this course just before the scheduled photo day. The most important thing that helped me was seeing how you kept everything organized and your workflow. I absolutely love that you have this group so I can continue to learn from you and others in this group. Thank you!" | |

schooled online photography course by elena s blair | desert bloom photography

Carol Lucey Davis | "I’m so pleased that I took Elena’s Schooled Online course. Her material is thorough and meticulous. Every aspect of this genre is covered! I implemented several of her steps and saw my profits more than double from the same schools last year! My family is facing a new season on life where I need to bring in the income. I’ve been blessed by this course and am bringing in the income! This Facebook group is so encouraging. There’s no competition, just community building each other up." | |

schooled online by elena s blair boutique photography course | glimmer images photography

Elisse Collins Lassiter | "This group has been so helpful as I launch my school portrait business. Thanks everyone!" | |

schooled online boutique photography course by elena s blair | lisa tait

Lisa Tait | "I honestly can't believe how much value there has been in it so far and I haven't even done a school yet! It is step-by-step and I think Elena Sanchez Blair could charge WAY more for this 😂 Seriously, though, it has been totally comprehensive with modern implementation. The one school I have booked is already wowed by the information I am providing them with. Best money I have spent on education for my biz in a long time. 
This group has also been invaluable. It has been such a relief to know that I can pop in here and receive feedback on backdrops, tech, process, cc on images etc. etc. and it is usually meaningful feedback. So much so that I make an effort to do the same for my peers in here which I don't always make time to do in other groups. Rising tide, yo! xx" | |

online schooled photography portait course by elena s blair | aimee desiree

Aimee Desiree | "I've been following Elena since a friend attended one of her retreats. She had so many wonderful things to say, that I knew this class would provide the direction and support to restart that photography business I had let go after having my third baby. I took all of the lessons and advice to heart before taking on my first preschool. Capturing their little (and, sometimes, big) personalities was so much fun and I've received several emails from parents thanking me for their photos. I have so much left to learn and practice. This community is so encouraging and I return here time and again to learn from others, ask questions, and seek inspiration."

elena s blair schooled online portrait photography course | alice akiyama

Alice Akiyama | "I've been building my portfolio and yesterday I had a chance to do a mommy & me photos And do portraits of the kiddos also for a mom group I am involved in. It was a great way to market myself and show mamas a little taste (😉) of what fine art school photography is like. I can’t wait to share w them once I’m done editing. Schooled course has been THE best resource for not only starting school photography but also the best way of marketing my brand new business. ❤️ thank you everyone for all the support and advice!"

schooled online boutique portrait photography course elena s blair | shana turner cook

Shana Turner Cook | "I’m new here and have been furiously working on getting a portfolio together for schools. I LOVE this niche! I’m so encouraged to see posts from you all who are booking schools and see also see your fantastic work. I’m good with littles (great eye rolls and/or laughs with knock knock jokes) but scared of teens so would love to see more examples from that age group. I’m also a bit Intimidated by the large national businesses who can offer larger percentages and incentives to schools. Thank you all for being on this journey with me!!

schooled online boutique child portrait photography business course by elena s blair | nancy drescher photography

Nancy Drescher | "I took Elena's course in-person and was immediately hooked on doing fine art school photos. She breaks the whole process down to make it turnkey, simple and fun. I love having access to the online materials as well to refresh my memory and this community is incredibly supportive, motivating, & really in it to help each other out. As for this photo, I LOVE that the mom chose my favorite of her daughter - this is her signature look & captures her personality perfectly!!" |