Every person that is in my Family Posing Made Easy class is granted access to an active online community where they share their work and inspire their peers. Each month we do a cover contest so we can see what our peers have been up to. 

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family posing made easy online pose course by elena s blair photography | marti austin

Marti Austin | "This class has been so beneficial in helping me see the beauty in the imperfect, unposed, and candid moments."

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online photography posing course family posing made easy by elena s blair | annemarie hamant

AnneMarie Hamant | "This posing course made my fall busy season so effortless! I was able to maximize my time with families and it gave me some go-to poses that made my sessions feel more organized and consistent."

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family posing made easy online course elena s blair | nicole eliason

Nicole Eliason | "I have built my business on taking “candid“ photos of families connecting with each other, but I always struggled because my success was hit or miss this course allowed me the freedom to POSE those candid connections!!"

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family posing made easy course elena s blair | sweet liv photography

Hali Resney Tomczak | "[This course] has given me the confidence to direct my clients into connected poses and let them be themselves from there!"

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elena s blair family posing made easy online course | elena streeter

Elena Streeter | "The course helped me not to stress out about what to do if kids don't cooperate. It helped me to better tell the story of clients I serve. Now that I'm getting away from standard look at the camera photos, those images feed my soul! I'm working on the changing my portfolio."

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family posing made easy online photography course by photographer elena s blair | amanda joy hilfer

Amanda Hilfer | "I have photographed five families at this location in the last four days and I have driven home each time with a grin from ear to ear. This course has given me the confidence to direct my families beyond past stiff and uncomfortable poses and entice each and every member to laugh, giggle and be fully present in the moment. And sometimes being present means the kids are running around while the parents share a quiet moment to themselves. The feedback I receive when I deliver a client gallery has gone from "thanks so much" to "Amanda! A thousand thank yous for the photos!!! They are absolutely stunning." But the best part....I can feel that every family member had a blast on the shoot and family photos no longer feel like a chore to my clients. If you want to create images that you can actual FEEL, this guide will get you there."

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family posing photography course made easy by elena s blair | liz greenleaf

Liz Greenleaf | "I've been able to create more connected photographs for my clients. The details in Elena's posing guide have made such a difference in the flow and feel of my sessions. ❤️"

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elena s blair family posing made easy online photography workshop | kathleen williams

Kathleen Williams | "I love having go to poses. I am more confident in following my heart when it comes to posing. I am more mindful to the whole experience when it comes to my clients. Talking and having fun the whole way through. 😊"

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elena s blair family posing made easy online course | karissa michele

Karissa Michele | "As a lifestyle family photographer, it was refreshing and freeing to hear from Elena that posing is not only okay, but also necessary! My families appreciate the guidance, and it helps them feel more confident and comfortable through all the real moments and interactions that then follow naturally."

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elena s blair online posing workshop course made easy | leah wagner

Leah Wagner | "This course has impacted myself by showing me that I need to take control of the sessions and that gentle posing is really, really needed. Clients feel more secure in what you are doing when you take the reins of the session and guide them. It gives them confidence and builds their trust in you. I love that this course showed me how to get connection in my photos and most importantly what to do with client's hands :)"

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family posing made easy online photography workshop elena s blair | stacey still
family posing made easy online pose photography workshop course | tess davis

Tess Davis | "Loved this course. It made me realize it’s ok to “pose” them for natural emotion. You can guide them and still get the candid feel in your images. I love being able to look back and get a refreshers if needed as well. It’s also given me a good workflow to use through my session."

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elena s blair family posing made easy online workshop for photographers | jenn reese

Jenn Reese | "Before this course, I focused on the technical aspects of photography and even thought I had certain poses down; but, the final product was missing the strong emotional connection that I longed to capture. After taking the posing course, Elena spoke so much about providing cues for the parents to look at their children, look at each other, kiss one another, even "take in their smell" (I love saying this to families, it always get a great laugh which usually yields such sweet pictures too!) Her pose suggestions helped promote these interactions by getting their bodies closer and more comfortable. I've noticed how much more comfortable my families feel when they know exactly what I want them to do, even when kissing one another is something they do multiple times a day! When they feel the most comfortable, the images show it and my confidence in posing has made that all happen so much easier! Thank you, Elena, for sharing your incredible talent!"

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family posing made easy online course for photographers by elena s blair | amy liehr

Amy Liehr | "I loved how this course gave me a new found confidence when going into lifestyle family sessions. I no longer show up and HOPE that I capture something magical. I now have the tools to confidently MAKE magic happen! I used to feel distracted and disconnected from families a lot of the time; trying to visualize in my head what I wanted to create and then secretly "wishing" for it to come together. Now I can be present and get to know a family while casually posing them. Even though I now have several "go-to" poses, no two families look alike. They're true personalities and connection are able to shine through."

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