Urban or street photography is somewhat common. But Urban Family Photography is a bit more new to the industry.

I hear a lot of photographers ask “what do you do about the other people all over?” “How do you deal with distracting objects in the background?”

When photographing a family in an urban setting I suggest that you really embrace what makes the city so lively. Warn your clients that there will be some “strangers” in the background in some of the photos. Don’t try and wait for cars to pass, allow the traffic to be part of the story.

Take advantage of the colors and textures that are present in an urban setting.

I pose and guide EXACTLY the same as I would in a field or at a beach, I just embrace the surroundings.

That being said. I do try and find a few spots where I can grab a few portraits without too many distractions. I do this but placing my family right up against a building or by finding a little park nearby.

Don’t be afraid to think on your feet. In the shoot featured here, we walked around the Union Square area in New York City and stopped when we saw fun and beautiful areas. A fire station, an ice cream truck, a public market. We simply enjoyed ourselves.

This shoot was part of my Photo Walk that I did with Adorama last month. There were 50 students along with me. It was super fun!

Have fun and be creative with your next urban session. I know I love doing them!