I often get asked “when is the best time of year for family photos? And I get why. You are investing your money, and more importantly, your VALUABLE TIME for family photos. You want to make sure you schedule your session for the best time of year.

Honestly, I believe you can have family photos taken any time of year. I only reschedule a session if it is actually raining. Clouds or sunshine are fine with me.

However, here are a few things to consider.

  1. What would you like to be wearing in your photos? If you take your photos in the spring or summer you will likely be dressed in clothing that is a bit more, well, summery. Typically brighter colors and more casual. If you have your photos taken in the fall or winter you may be wearing more layers, have more rich and bold colors, and may even need to wear a coat. So, think about the aesthetic you prefer.

  2. Consider the start time. Remember how long the days are in the summer. For the best light we try and schedule our shots an hour before sunset. In the summer this can mean that your session may not start until around 7:30pm. Now don’t worry, we can do sessions in the morning too if you have kiddos that can’t handle a late start time. In the fall the start time is late afternoon, sometimes as early as 3:30pm which can be difficult for weekday sessions when you have to consider work schedules.

  3. Think about the type of location you would like your photos taken at in relation to the time of year. For example, fall brings beautiful color so a park may be a better location for fall. Summer sunsets on the beach are gorgeous and the beach can be quite cold in the fall. Or, some of my mountain locations are snowed in as early as the beginning of November through mid February. If you are still trying to figure out what type of location you would like your session at, you can see an article I wrote about locations HERE.

Here is the thing, there really isn’t a “best” time of year for photos. What is important is that you get to spend an hour with your family, playing, loving, and connecting so that I can capture meaningful images for you to last a lifetime. So don’t get too caught up in the time of year, just make sure you book them.

We hope to get you in front of our lens soon!