As I evolve as an artist I see many things change. My editing style, the way I approach angles and light. But one thing doesn't change and that is my undying love for newborns in the home. 

Often, I fantasize about a beautiful studio in a hip Seattle Neighborhood. Big windows and white floors. But at the end of the day, I think it would take away from the sweet intimacy that is an in home newborn photography session. 

I walk into a families home an feel nothing but gratitude. They have invited me into their most sacred space during a most tender time. You can literally feel the energy in the air. And then, I have the absolute privilege of capturing such a fleeting time. Brings me to my knees, it really does. 

This sweet newborn baby boy was wide awake the whole session. He never fussed or cried, just curious about the windows and his mama and daddy. He had the best head of hair and the sweetest dimple I have ever seen on a newborn. 

Enjoy this sweet little guy. 

Seattle Newborn Baby Photographer Elena S Blair
Newborn Photography Seattle Elena
Seattle In Home Newborn Photography Elena S Blair
Newborn Baby Drinking A Bottle Seattle Photographer
Seattle Newborn Family Photographer
Seattle Family Photographer Elena S Blair
Seattle Family Photographer Elena S Blair
Seattle Newborn Photography In Home Elena S Blair
Natural Light Newborn Photography Elena S Blair
Seattle Newborn Photographer
Seattle Newborn Baby Photographer
Newborn Baby Photographer Seattle
Seattle Family Photography
Newborn Macro Photography
Newborn Macro Photographer Seattle
Black and White Newborn Photography Elena S Blair