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Last year I launched an in person photography workshop called Schooled. This was my first workshop teaching all about implementing Fine Art School Portraits in your business. I was able to reach about thirty people from across the country. My favorite part of the workshop was that we actually photographed children so they left with a full portfolio, ready to launch. 

After receiving hundreds, nearly a thousand emails from photographers from around the world asking me to teach a workshop online, I decided to give it a go. I knew I wanted to make it an active workshop so that my students would be held accountable and really take action on their skills. 

Well, I opened the class for enrollment on April 7th and the students are blowing me away!! They are working hard through the materials, taking action right now and building their portfolios and building a beautiful network of other photographers working toward the same goals. 

My goal is to rise up leaders in the photography community. To pour myself into others so that they can give back to this community and to the families who they serve with their creative gifts. 

My heart is full as I see my students thrive every single day. 

I am sharing a sampling of their gorgeous images. As you can see, they didn't' waste any time and many have already booked schools! I am so very proud of them.

Carol Davis 

Carol Davis