This in hospital newborn photography session was so meaningful to me. You see, I used to be a NICU and L&D nurse and I miss that job often. I spent ten years observing so many beautiful emotions and connections. To be able to go in to a NICU and capture all of these things with my camera was incredible. It was like my lives were colliding. 

Newborn photography is so important. 

These moments are fleeing and I promise they will soon seem like distant memories. 

When this mama contacted me to photograph them while their second baby was in the NICU I was thrilled. 

We met on a Sunday morning. Their two year old was delightful and so excited to introduce me to her new baby. They went through their normal routine of diaper changes and kangaroo care (skin to skin) and I had the privilege of documenting it. 

I hope to do more in hospital newborn sessions soon. It was such an honor.