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Hey Friend,

With the new year here and folks talking about all their photography projects I thought this article was something you might want to hear....

Are you feeling guilty because you don't have your camera strapped to you constantly? 

Release the pressure you put on yourself to shoot every day. 

Social media makes it seem like everyone has their camera attached to their hip and that they are taking gorgeous photos of their gorgeous kids in gorgeous outfits in gorgeous light all day. All day! 


Maybe some are.


But I feel like there is this “pressure” to be shooting every moment of our kids days beautifully all while running our own business drinking a frothy latte with a cute messy bun while sitting in bed. 


I mean….. who is with me here?!  


Maybe it’s just me. 


I used to beat myself up because I wasn’t photographing my kids all the time. 


I don’t anymore. I have made peace with it. 


Sometimes I want to give my baby a bath in gorgeous light and simply be present in the beauty of the moment. I want to trust my heart to remember how I felt. Sure, sometimes I photograph these things, but if we are being honest I don’t do it very often. 


When I feel like it I take photos of them. When I don’t, I don’t. 


So friend, if you feel like you should give a 365 a try for the 10th year in a row but you really don’t feel like it, relax. 


You aren’t any less of a photographer, mother, or documenter if you decide to just enjoy the moment rather than photograph it.