As many of you know, I spent the better part of the past ten years as a registered nurse in the NICU and L&D. I left that part of my life behind about a year ago to pursue phtography full time. It was like a calling and I had to follow it, however sometimes I miss being in the hospital surrounded by all the hustle and bustle and of course, I miss the fresh newborns. Well, I am delighted to have had a few of my first fresh 48 newborn photography sessions, or as I prefer to call them, birth space newborn sessions. There is magic in the air in those first few hours with a new baby. The joy, the promise, the excitement. It is intoxicating. 

I spent a few hours visiting with one of my long time favorite families a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to be there while the older kids stumbled in on their new baby sister and it was so beautiful. I have since photographed them in their home for their full session but have yet to edit that one. For now, enjoy sweet Juliet and her family, just about 24 hours old. 

I will be offering fresh 48 sessions to my newborn clients only as an add on. Stay tuned for more details on that endeavor. I am very excited about it.