I have a special place in my heart for big families and photographing them is even better. I grew up in a family of six, I am the youngest, so I feel right at home when I am around big families. There is a certain energy and air of protectiveness that is present in big families and it makes me feel rigt at home.

I know this family from our wonderful school in Wallingford. Our boys are in the same grade and the mama and I are both fairly involved in the school. Who am I kidding, we are really involved! Anyway... I hope she won't mind me sharing but I wanted to share a bit about what she said to me when talking about booking a session. She said "I have seen the families on your website and we don't look like them." I get what she means. I have a hard time thinking about my family being photographed by another photographer too. But that is the thing about choosing a photographer...they should be able to turn your family into their art. What she didn't realize and what many don't realize, is a great deal of my work is based on connection. It is based on me finding the unique beauty that I promise is present in every family. It isn't about me making you look like something you aren't, it's about me showing you that you are in fact just like every family on my website. You are so beautiful and magnificent in your own way. Each family has their own story and I want to tell it. I want to make it into my art. It's what I thrive on. Lifestyle family photography allows me the freedom to be an artist, to express myself, and to show you that all your imperfections are in fact what make you perfect. So, you can imagine my delight when she was pleasantly surprised with her gallery. As you can see, they are in fact like those people on my website, and they shine as bright and beautiful.