Hey friends! I am super excited to share this family with you all. The mother, Amy, and I have really had a chance to get to know each other this past year but I had yet to meet her family. I really looked forward to our session together as it had been on the books since this past November. Well, typical for spring in Seattle, we have had a good combo of sunny days and rainy days. We had to reschedule once because of the rain but went ahead with the session on the new date even though it was cloudy and a bit chilly. I find it interesting how the weather really sets the tone for a session. I know these boys are active and love to explore, like most boys, however the chilly weather made them turn into their comfort, their family and we ended up with a much more cuddly session. My guess is that had it been sunny they would have been much more rowdy.

Our session began a bit strange with Dad helping an old man who was lost in the parking lot. It made if very clear to me just how he is both kind and selfless. Then, we played, looked for crabs, threw some rocks, and they snuggled with the best of them. There were lots of hugs and kisses. Even though it was in fact chilly, I felt their warmth the whole time and I think these images speak to their bond and closeness.

I will admit…I take a lot of photos. Once, when I was still finding my way in photography, I would spend hours culling, trying to get down to that “magic” number that my peers were telling me that my galleries need not exceed. Well guess what? Who cares! I am a storyteller. Some single moments have 30 images and I am not ashamed of that and you shouldn’t be either. Be the artist you want to be. Take the photos you want to take. Your work will be richer and mean more to you and the families you photograph if you put your heart and soul into it. And if that means taking a million photos, then do it. So here is a sample of this family's huge gallery. I hope it warms your soul a little as it sure did mine.