I know I mentioned it in my last post, but I have had many maternity sessions this past few months. I think often we as women feel self conscious about our pregnant bodies. I know I did. So much change and so much out of our control. It can seem strange to want to document it. But what I have found is that you may regret not having maternity photos taken but you will never regret having them done. I love capturing mothers during this time in their lives. It goes so fast and is a time she will surely look back on and want to remember. 

This mother and I met in her home on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Just she and I as her family had other engagements. We spoke about motherhood and birth, challenges and triumphs, and simply got to know each other, which I am always so grateful for before a newborn session as there is already so much going on when you have a new baby. I so enjoyed meeting this calm and peaceful mama and I can't wait to meet her little one when he arrives.