How can it be that I have know these two for fifteen years? We met when we were all attending college at Seattle University.  Alicia and I were in nursing school together so we got very close. Nursing school is hard and we spent many hours studying and preparing to be a nurse. Thankfully, we have stayed close over the years and we all try and see each other as much as our busy lives allow. We both have three active kiddos so it can be challenging. I have captured their family many times and I was excited when they suggested Seattle University as a location. It holds so much meaning to us all and it was pretty fun to explore with their kiddos. We would never have been able to predict who these kids would be or how rich their lives would be way back when we were living day to day off minimal sleep and maybe a little to much beer. ;) I know what you might be thinking when you look at this family. Are they for real? They are so beautiful it seems unfair.  Well, let me tell you one thing, they are far more beautiful on the inside and these two are some of the most kick ass parents I know.  I am just lucky to know them! 

I can't wait to see where we capture them this year! It just keeps getting better and better! Enjoy.