I met this family at our fabulous elementary school.  The glorious thing about our school is that nearly every family that attends also lives within blocks of the school.  We all walk together, talk every day, and build up our community.  Every day I feel blessed to live in the neighborhood I do. It almost feels like a small town in the middle of our big city.  I feel like I connected with this mama right when I met her.  We both had newborns in our arms and two older kiddos already. She is just sorta "my people."  Dad is a photographer so naturally I was a bit nervous to capture them.  What I loved so much about this session is that mama was a bit nervous and was totally worried we didn't get the shots.  You see, I don't need kids to behave, I don't need them to look at the camera, I just need them to be.  I can gently direct and guide into genuine interactions every time.  It is what I have strived to perfect and I feel pretty confident about it.  My face was split with a smile when I was editing this gallery because you can just feel their love and connection.  They are an incredible family and I am lucky to know them.