I will always remember this little guy.  This session was a huge turning point for my newborn style. I went in to the home with no plans of posing and only the intention to capture the true essence of who this little baby was, just like I do with my family sessions.  You see, I was still posing newborns in the more "modern" way but it really didn't suite me.  This is my style of newborn photography and I love it so.  

It really started when my third baby was born.  She was sound asleep, I got all my newborn stuff out, got her naked and started to pose her.  And it felt wrong to see her like that, unnatural.  She was perfect just how she was.  So I changed.  Newborn photography will always be special to me, probably because of my ten years as a NICU nurse, but the way I capture my newborns and the people who love them is so much more me now and that is a beautiful thing.