We had to reschedule, it took me over an hour to get to their house due to traffic, I was 45 minutes late, but o was it worth the wait.   I walked in and I felt it.  What, what did I feel?  I felt their family intensity.  It was electric.  There was love, passion and so much more.  They have only just located here from over seas, so much adjusting going on, but so much to feel.  I spent over two hours with them.  Their gallery is huge.  No shame in that.  If a family just gives and gives, I take and take, photos that is.  I felt like I got just a small glimpse into the very core of this very powerful family and I hope I was able to capture even just a small bit of what makes them so wonderful.  Thank you, for inviting me into your world for an evening.  It was wonderful and validated why I love what I do so much. <3