Lifestyle Newborn Photography and Posing Made Easy


Lifestyle Newborn Photography and Posing Made Easy

Are you drawn to simple, natural newborn photography?

Do you shy away from photos of newborns in unnatural poses with props?

Do you want to learn how to run an in home newborn session from start to finish?

Would you like tips on how to use natural light in ANY home, no matter how small or dark?

Do you want a step by step guide on how to pose newborns with their siblings, parents, and alone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guide is for you!

I am going to share with you a step by step guide on how to run a complete In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session from start to finish!

No fluff! This guide is going to teach you EXACTLY what you need to execute an In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session complete with my one of a kind step by step posing instruction (as seen in Family Posing Made Easy.) I break down all of my poses using a step by step system that you can execute right away!

This is so much more than visual inspiration. If you only want posing ideas, you could simply spend hours browsing Pinterest. This is actual instruction so that you know EXACTLY how to execute each pose. Beyond that, I will even talk you through how to make the pose your own. BEYOND that I talk about light, composition, how to prepare the family, how to prepare yourself, newborn safety, AND SO MUCH MORE!

As an instructor, my goal isn't to show my students how to be like me; I want to show my students how to be uniquely them! 

I want to offer an online experience that is much like my in-person workshops. One in which you can learn what is behind Lifestyle Newborn Photography.


What am I going to learn?

What am I going to learn?

 So how is this going to work? 

1. When you purchase this course, you will receive an email with the document that will provide the information you need to access the course page. You will have lifetime access to this course. 

2.  You will have immediate access to all the video modules so that you can get to work! Grab your ear buds and a notebook. It's going to feel like we are sitting down at a table together, with me giving you the exact steps I take to execute a Lifestyle Newborn Session from inquiry to gallery delivery.

3. You will have all the knowledge you need to pose, guide, and direct into genuine and connected newborn posing as well as how to run a complete session.

The information will be provided to you via video instruction. This way, I can walk you through each pose much like I would during an in-person mentoring session. In addition, you will also get the PDF so you can have the workshop to read whenever you'd like.  

These are the base poses I use for all of my newborn sessions. You can take each pose and make it your own. Best part is, I even tell you what to say to your families to get natural interactions. As well as what to do to make newborns look comfortable and natural in poses on their own.

We aren't talking stiff and boring poses. We are talking connected and meaningful poses that yield the artistic images you are looking for. 


What will you learn?

  • How to find the best indoor location when working in ANY home.

  • How to find the best light when working in ANY home.

  • Newborn Safety.

  • You will learn all about posing the entire family with the newborn.

  • You will learn how to pose the newborn with siblings.

  • You will learn how to pose the newborn alone.

  • You will be given actionable steps that you will be able to implement immediately.

  • I will share with you exactly what I say to execute each pose. 

  • You will get tips on how to maximize each pose so you can get as many images as possible from each pose. 

  • You will learn how to make each pose unique to both your artistic style and each individual family's dynamic. 

  • You will get a behind the scenes shooting video of me at an actual In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session.

  • You will get exclusive access to a complete Lifestyle Newborn Session so you can see my poses in action.

  • You will get access to an exclusive Facebook group just for course members.


who the heck am I?

who the heck am I?

Wondering why I am qualified to teach you this? Good, you should be!

I am Elena! I live in Seattle, WA, I love to travel, hike and explore with my family, I'm pretty laid back, and I regularly eat chips and salsa for lunch!

I am passionate about meaningful and connected Newborn Photography. Newborn Photography that is simple, safe, and organic, celebrating the beauty of a newborn and their family.

I have been at this for almost ten years and I photograph over 50 newborns each year. I am Seattle's most sought after Lifestyle Newborn Photographer booking my schedule out months in advance. 

I have taught thousands of photographers through my workshops with Click Photo School, CreativeliveKelbyOne, as well as workshops that I host myself both online and in-person. I have also spoken at multiple conferences across the country about this exact topic. It's kinda my thing. I have a sincere desire to rise up leaders in this community and believe there is more than enough business for all of us! 

This class was born from the common misconception that connected family and newborn photography simply unfolds naturally. I am a firm believer that the most skilled lifestyle photographers are actually posing and guiding quite a bit and I want to share with you exactly how I do that! 

I am an advocate for safe, baby led posing, where the newborn is the main focus. No props, no bean bags, no heaters, just the unmatched beauty that is a newborn.

I hope you will join my education community!  


How Much Does This Cost?

How Much Does This Cost?

 Get started with this PACKED course today for just


Get ready take your Newborn Photography to next level!


"Love love love it!"

"Love love love it!"

“I couldn’t wait to start with this course and i must say I’m more than happy with the content. The modules I’ve already listened to are so full of information and animated me to think about my own business and style. Can’t wait to see the other modules. It’s sooo much worth the money. And seeing Elena behind the scenes working is so incredibly informative and inspiring. Love love love it! “ - Connie S.

“oh my goodness gracious!!!! i'm already on module 6! no joke!!! i have a maternity/ newborn expo coming up on saturday and i feel soooo much more prepared with elenas instruction! Do I have a camera? check! will my clients have a room with one window? check! I can do this!!!! I love how elena focuses on newborn safety, with creativity, invoking emotion. I WANT THAT! writing sooo many notes! Thanks elena!” - Sheila M.

“I love how you are down to earth and teach in a way that isn’t condescending or confusing. Straight to the point, no bullshit, no gimmicks. You have us focus on the heart of our photography from the beginning in the first module, and reflecting on why I want to shoot newborn photography REALLY is helping me tremendously with navigating this new type of genre!!! It makes me so much more excited. Jumping into photography as a business is incredibly intimidating, especially having had another career prior, and you sharing your personal story along with your material makes it 100x more relatable and enjoyable. Oh, and also, just being real here- having someone who was a NICU nurse previously with the infant safety feature makes me 1000000x more confident in the safety of it!!! SO IMPORTANT!” - Christine E.