Hey Friend! 

I am so excited to be adding to my small but mighty team! 

As of now it is little old me and my fantastic assistant (this word seems inadequate,) Gabby! We also work with The Image Salon for all of our photo editing and have one exclusive and insanely talented editor, Katarina. 

Please read this entire page before submitting an application. We are going to take time to carefully review each application and hope to conduct interviews by the end of June. 

I thought I would start by explaining a little about me and my business and why I have decided to grow my team.

Elena S Blair Photography officially opened for business in 2009 but didn't really get legs until about 2011. Over this past almost ten years I have photographed between 50-150 families a year. I photograph the genres of maternity, newborn, in hospital newborn, and family. I take on a select few births a year. I also have a Boutique School Photography segment of my business in which I photograph hundreds of children each year. On top of that I educate thousands of photographers around the world every single year.  It has been such an honor. What started as a dream has grown into a multifaceted empire. 

I am in a place where I feel like I have a foundation solid enough to support one or two associates. I want to be able to serve more families and children with my business and quite frankly can't do it alone. 

I am a true believer in community over competition. I know that adding a few associates to my team will be a mutually beneficial endeavor. Together we will be able to serve more beloved families with our art.

My goal has always been to keep my volume low enough to allow me to remain passionate about my work while providing a elevated experience for the families who trust me to capture them. This is where you come in. I don't want to burn out however I want to be able to serve more families with my business. 

Gabby and I truly work as a team. Anyone who we add to our team will need to be optimistic, fun, punctual, and hard working. 

My work is emotive, sentimental, and artistic. It is often classified as "Lifestyle," however the words we use don't define our work, the emotions that evoke are what matters most. My hope is to bring someone on who can take photos that are in the same style as mine. 

At this time I am open to hiring one to two associates depending on the pool of applicants and their areas of strength. 

It is important to note that this is NOT an educational opportunity. You must be an established photographer who is confident in your artistic ability. 

This job will be perfect for the photographer who would like to get more families in front of their lens, make more income each year, but who does not enjoy the business or editing side of photography. ;) We got that covered. 

Our associate plan is for the associate to ONLY handle the actual shoot. We will handle all client communication, editing, gallery delivery, and album design and delivery. Associates will be much like a second shooter at a wedding. You will come get a SD card from us and deliver the card back to us within 24 hours after the shoot. Literally all you have to do is photograph the family. We will handle the rest. I will say that there is always room for growth and more involvement with Elena S Blair Photogprahy Inc, should we feel it is a good fit for our team. 

Our associates will be paid a set amount per session. We will share a mutual calendar that you will be required to keep up to date so that we know which dates we can offer to our inquires. Together we will come up with dates that you are willing to fill with Elena S Blair Photography clients. After we have shared, blogged, and delivered the session gallery and album, you will have access to the files and may share them, however we will require that you credit Elena S Blair Photography any time you use images shot under our name. 

If you are interested in photographing schools for Elena S Blair Photography, the payment will depend on the size of the school.

If you are interested in photographing births for Elena S Blair Photography, we will discuss payment as we only take these on a case by case basis.  

Still interested? Great! Please complete the following associate application. We can't wait to hear from you! 

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