Pregnancy is so many things. It is joyful, beautiful, and often hard, if we are being honest. You will never regret your decision to capture this time in your life as it goes by so fast. In case you missed it in my bio, I am a former NICU and Labor & Deliver Registered Nurse, so I have a deep love and appreciation for all things pregnancy related. Now that you have booked your maternity session you may have some questions. Hopefully this resources will help you feel at ease about your upcoming photo session. 

As you have seen in my portfolio, my images are organic and natural, capturing who you are right now. I will never ask you to wear an uncomfortable gown or place you in uncomfortable positions. My goal is to capture the beauty that is your pregnant body and to also capture the connection between you and the little soul inside you. We will also celebrate these last moments as a family of two, three, or whatever size your family is right now. I think it is special to have memories of what your family looked like right before the baby arrives.  


Together, we will select the best location for your session. Most women want to take advantage of one of the many outdoor locations Seattle has to offer, however some prefer the intimacy of their home. It is up to you. 

Who is included in the session:

Your maternity session is for you, your significant other and children, if this isn't your first pregnancy. Yes, fur babies are welcome too. If children will be included, please know that I am very experienced with working with kiddos of all ages. It is okay if they are active or silly. 


I want you to feel your best. I find that long dresses seem to be the most comfortable and allow for easy moving, however it is entirely up to you. See my Pinterest board for some ideas. I am happy to discuss this with you further if you would like. What is important is that you feel beautiful. 

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to capturing you during this very special time.