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"A dear friend of mine referred me to Elena S Blair Photography for my newborn shoot. My friend's shoot was so beautiful and captured her family and newborn so gracefully. To be honest, I was a bit afraid of the outcome. The birth of my son was traumatic, to say the least, and we lost a big chunk of newborn time to the hospital. I was crushed thinking I'd lost the opportunity to capture his smallness. I know the moments Elena was able to capture, won't return those weeks, but I’m eternally grateful to her for capturing,in her magical way, the newborn life we so fortunately were able to return home with from the hospital. She entered what was at the time our recuperating, grief stricken home and seamlessly captured our tiny new boy in the most beautiful way. Elena is skilled inter-personally and technically - such as making an new encounter with a stranger seem like meeting an old friend, or using just light to capture a special moment. Since her pictures speak for themselves, what you may not see behind the pictures is that she’s a caring and wonderful person. She’s a delight to let into your family to capture you, comfortably, in a raw and vulnerable way. I now also have the pleasure of calling her a friend and my only regret at this moment, is that we’ve moved away from Seattle and can’t have her continue capturing these breathtaking moments of my family." - Annabelle Mathieu

"My husband and I are so grateful that we choose Elena S Blair Photography to do our maternity and newborn photoshoots and are blessed to now also call her our friend! My journey to motherhood was difficult and painful (first with infertility and miscarriage and then with a hard pregnancy). It was so important to me to capture this season of life on camera yet I was so self-conscience and uncertain. I have had bad experiences in the past with photographers who cared more about the "job" than about me as a person. Meeting with Elena for the first time all the nervousness melted away; it was like meeting an old friend again. Instead of feeling awkward and silly while posing for my maternity shoot, I felt confident and beautiful and you can tell by looking at my photos! Elena was a magician, knowing just how to use every landcape (including my awkward house for our newborn shoot) and ray of light to produce beautiful pictures. Her sweet smile, happy disposition, and kind words put us so at ease that the pictures she took weren't stiff or posed but instead were snapshots of authentic intimate moments that perfectly captured who we are as a family. We won't be going anywhere else for our family photos in the future. We could never find a better photographer or have a better experience than with Elena!" - Hannah Ruth Cournoyer

"She could not be more fabulous....Not only is she an amazing, patient, sweet, darling person. She is also a talented, thoughtful, creative, and attentive photographer. She managed the whole shoot, and the chaos that goes with photographing 3 young children, with grace, and an easy going professionalism. My kids loved her and opened up to her instantly. But most importantly, she was able to capture the true spirit of my children in every single shot. I don't know how she does it. The true essence of my little munchkins shines through in every photograph. These are not your standard family photographs. They are beautiful, wonderful, meaningful works of art that are created around me and my family. Love love love love love. Cannot say it often enough. Love." - Stephanie Rancourt-Richardson


"We have worked with Elena for three years and have trusted her to capture some of the most important moments in our children's lives. She truly cares about her clients and her passion shows through her beautiful work. She has the perfect combination of personal and professional experience to ensure your family is captured the way you would like." -Natalie Flocchini 


"Elena made my family feel so comfortable and we loved our session! She captured each of my kids personalities in every photo. She's truly talented and her work is captivating - which is what I loved when I stumbled across her photos on Pinterest. Our photos turned out amazing and I'll cherish them forever." - Heather Field